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Hiii, My name is Norah and i’ve gotten a lot of message lately from you guys saying you’re not doing so fine, and i’m so sorry to hear this. I feel so bad that so many people are struggling. I’ve been there and I really just want to try and help you guys through whatever you’re struggling with. So i’ve been working on my tumblr to help the best I can!

I’ve made a page with some helpful links to dealing with depression and self harm urges, even homework! If you ever need it, click here to enter it.

And i’ve made a games page with some of my favourite games, a page for fun websites and even a page with movie tips! You can find it all on my Gifts 4 You page. 

So really, if you’re ever bored or need some help, come to my blog, or message me here. i’ll try my best to make you smile ♥ We can get through this together, ok? xox Norah

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